Hey, I'm Lee

and I'm here to help you simplify your life so you can have the freedom to live it

So let me tell you what I know...


I bet you've tried Botox and fillers. Maybe lash extensions. 

You've done all the things "they" told you to do. All the things you've seen in beauty ads or what you're friends told you to try. 

You've painstakingly spent hours putting on your makeup.


You've heard the microblading horror stories and have seen some crazy eyebrows on people. You're scared because you don't want black brows and think that it's going to hurt. You want something that'll last yet have it so natural looking nobody would notice you had it done.


Girl... this is your face! 


Love... I'm right there with ya! I hear you!

 ...I KNOW that having a 10 minute morning routine would change your friggen life! 

This is the part where I come in

I've been where you are now...

I remember what it's like to hide because I haven't had brows or lashes since 7th grade. I remember being so afraid to have anyone tattoo me because I was worried they wouldn't be able to give me a natural look that didn't stand out. I mean... THIS IS MY FACE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. 

That's why I do things differently. I care about your results 3, 5, 10 years down the road and I guarantee my OCD won't let you be unhappy. 

My permanent makeup theory has been developed  through case studies as well as having my own cosmetic tattooing journey. Having a personal desire to look fresh and healthy while being confident I look good whether I'm in the ocean or going to business meetings. A natural look matters so much.  

Are you ready to start waking up with makeup?

Need to hear my "story" first?


Just Kidding. I won't start that far back. 

When I was in seventh grade, I started loosing my eyelashes then my brows. My parents didn't take me to get checked out, they just got mad. I was horribly embarrassed growing up. In school it was especially hard. Having to deal with people teasing me, showering after PE and when I was in High School, I was made to swim. Now I LOVE swimming. Everyone called me a fish out of water but even that became a fear because my makeup would wash off. I stopped living life, hid when boyfriends would show up unannounced and felt alone and ugly. 

Then one day back in 1998, I saw a woman who had her eyebrows tattooed. It was crazy! I just stared at her until I got the nerve to ask her who did them and if I could get this guy's number. Life changed! Then I called him and just like everyone else, he made fun of me. 

I decided to start studying the art of cosmetic tattooing; if no one would give me beautiful brows then dammit I'll give myself them and I have! And eyeliner, beauty marks and lip tint. I showed him didn't I? What really happened was my confidence soared and I began to live again. Now taking my snorkel mask off doesn't bother me because my brows won't go with it!

Because of cosmetic tattooing I get to spend time kayaking, swimming, hiking, snorkeling, traveling and... if I can do it, well sister, you can too! I know that's a super cheesy line but for real, I'm a bit of an introvert coming out of Ogden, UT. I'm the most eclectic art fanatic you'll ever meet. But I'm also really effing good at what I do. And I know you need that in your life, someone who knows what the eff they are doing. 

Here's a look into the education I've received

·  100-Hours Softap Fundamentals Certification, Cameo College

·   Microblading Advanced Certification, Softap

·   Permanent Makeup Pioneers course, April Meese

·   Deluxe Brows Brow Mapping Essentials

·   LI Pigment Color Theory Fundamentals, Girlz Ink

·   LI-ft Tattoo Advanced Removal, Girlz Ink

·   Advanced Powder, Ombré brows Certification, Girlz Ink 

·   Advanced Winged, Dramatic and Classic Eyeliner, Girlz Ink

·   Hair Strokes with Machine Techniques, Angela Gates

·   Pixel Brows - Russia, Advanced Certification, Marly Leenders

·   Stardust Liner - Russia, Advanced Certification, Marly Leenders

·   Lip blush - Russia, Advanced Certification, Marly Leenders

·   Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

·   2019 Nouveau Contour Master Level Conference, Assist Speaker

·   Tattoo Techniques for the Cosmetic Professional, Angela Gates

I have successfully completed over 800 procedures (and counting) I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family traveling and making memories. It's all about the memories y'all because life keeps getting shorter and shorter. Make those memories ya'll!

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Diamond Ink Cosmetic Tattoo is located in the heart of downtown Ogden, Utah 

298 24th St. #240

Ogden, UT 84401