Natural Looking Permanent Makeup

Adventure More Worry Less

Hi, I'm Lee

I help busy women simplify their makeup routine with natural looking permanent makeup.  


I know women are beautiful beings that make the world go 'round and we forget about ourselves because we're so used to putting everyone else first. Am I right or am I right? Feeling good is important for our well being and when we are happy everyone around us is happy!


Let me tell you what I know...


Time is precious minimal makeup is your goal

You want to look younger and fresh

Confidence could use a bit of a boost

You want to adventure more and worry less

Looking as natural as possible is super important

When you look in the mirror you want to LOVE the reflection looking back. ​

Life is a beautiful journey but it's taking a toll on your face. You're tired of trying to get your brows looking even. You dread the thought of putting on eyeliner cause you know it's going to be smeared around your eyes like a raccoon in a few hours. It's about time to give it up! It's time to think about yourself for once and do what you've dreamed about for years by simplifying your makeup routine. It's gonna save time and money and a bit of frustration.  

You wanna know how to get there?

What If.....

Having to hide for years behind makeup has been a difficult journey for me. Learning how to tattoo my own face has been the biggest blessing because my face is important! I wouldn't have any Tom, Dick or Harry tattoo my face and I know you feel the same.

  • What if you could look and feel amazing 24/7?

  • What if your makeup is a 10 minute routine?

  • Would you have more confidence?

  • Would you be happier?

  • How would this make your life easier?

  • How long have you been looking for a solution like this?

Take the plunge and worry less...

Looking for easy makeup tips?

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