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Hi, I'm Lee

I help adventurous ladies simplify their makeup routine with natural looking permanent makeup.  


Can you relate to this?

Waking up in the morning, excited for your day. You painstakingly apply your makeup knowing that it's not going to last. Happy days are when (after a million years) you get your brows drawn on just right then later check yourself to find they are smeared. 


Let me ask you this, are you sick of it


Let me tell you what I know...


  • Time is precious in this busy life

  • Looking younger is a really nice idea

  • Being confident in the way you look all day everyday is awesome

  • Doing all the fun things you like without worrying is priceless

  • Natural is where it's at because... well let's face it you are getting older and looking made-up isn't pretty.

Getting permanent makeup is absolutely life changing. I know because I've been where you are! Always worrying if my makeup was off was a real pain. I remember camping with friends and in the morning I'd hurry and put on my brows and eyeliner before I left my tent so I wouldn't feel embarrassed. I didn't want people to see me without my makeup on ever!  The struggle!

A Case of the What if(s)....

What If.....

Hear me out... I know you don't want dark block-y brows. I know you've been considering this for a long time but are on the fence. "Is it going to hurt?" and "I want to trust it'll look good. 

I know what that feels like! Girl... Having to hide for years behind makeup has been a difficult journey for me. Learning how to tattoo my own face has been the biggest blessing! Being picky isn't a bad thing, it's a must!


But what if...

  • What if you felt pretty all the time?

  • What if it took you only 10 minutes to get ready?

  • What if you finally found an expert tattooer?

  • What if it didn't really hurt... like at all?

  • Would you have more confidence?

  • Would you be happier?

  • Would this make your life easier?

  • Would you jump on the chance to look amazing every day? 


How long have you been wanting to simplify your life?  Cosmetic tattooing can set you on your way. 

Take the plunge and worry less...

Want some easy makeup tips?

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